Why O2 Show

The story behind O2 Show

By aligning with brands who are ethical and sustainable, O2 Show can provide retailers with products that are environmentally and socially-conscious, and help make a difference from the wholesale side.

Although we may have a great appreciation for luxurious silks and soft cashmere, and live off  the excitement of the ever-changing trends and the hunt for great deals, we are not always aware of their environmental and social costs.  It’s by working in production and in wholesale that it’s really possible to see behind the pretty pictures.  

Fashion is one of the oldest industries in the world, but also one of the laggards when it comes to embracing sustainability and  technology — it still incorporates a significant amount of human labor, particularly the production of raw materials and sewing/assemblage of the garments. Did you know that fashion is responsible for 20% (one fifth!) of the global pollution?

Looking at the  increased incidence of wide-spread fires and overall change in the weather patterns over the last 5 years, it’s no longer possible to ignore climate change as something in the distant future.  Moved by the Amazon burning and the major fashion brands’ signing of the Paris Pact in 2019, we felt it was time to do more, and see how we can help. 

Seeing how sustainable and ethical brands are lost in the mix of other brands all competing for buyers’ attention at wholesale trade shows, and the extra work for retailers to research these brands (in addition to the daily challenges they face in simply staying open and catering to their clientele), we decided to create a wholesale space dedicated solely to sustainable and ethically-made brands.

A more eco-conscious consumer landscape will require a shift in the products we consume and how we consume them:  and this needs to happen not just at retail, but also at wholesale.  It’s clear that retailers need products to sell to stay in business.  But they also need to take action and do their part in educating consumers and stocking goods that are aligned with a sustainable and ethical lifestyle.

Yes, sustainable goods and ethical production may be more expensive, and will require more customer education and communication to introduce lesser-known labels and tell the brands’ stories, as well as some re-adjusting in how things are done: customer service and overall communication, merchandising, sales forecasting, and more.  

Stocking less-expensive, trendy fast-fashion goods may be easier sales in the short term, but in the medium and long-term, it cannot work the same.  Disposable fashion, just like single-use plastic, is taking a toll on the environment.

Sustainability is no longer an option, it’s good business. While most people tend to associate sustainability with environmental conservation, sustainability also has a social and economic impact: ultimately, sustainability is about the people and the health of our communities, for now, and for the future.

Conscious consumption (confirmed as a rising trend with Gen Y and Gen Z) is not just a fashion, it’s a lifestyle:  it incorporates the home, health, beauty, and objects that surround us. If consumers are heeding the calls for more sustainability, they will look for those products directly to the brands, if unable to find them at their favorite retailer. There will be increasing pressure for retailers to maintain their relevance by stocking more ethical and sustainable brands, and to do their part towards combating climate change.

By aligning ourselves with brands who are ethical and sustainable, O2 Show can provide retailers with products that are environmentally and socially-conscious, and help make a difference from the wholesale side.  Besides saving retailers time in searching for these brands (of which, many are not household names yet), O2 Show is also committed in finding other ways to help retailers, particularly independent retailers, as they are such an important part of our communities: besides promotion and amplifying their voice, we have a series of value-added solutions specifically crafted towards them. 

O2 Show is committed to promoting a sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle, by featuring only brands who incorporate sustainable and ethical practices in their production and general business practices.  We want to support our local and global community, and promote only brands that are purpose-driven and actively give back to their society and community, and are conscious of their impact on the environment.  

All participating brands are required to sign an Impact Declaration and provide information on their sustainable and ethical practices, are focused on building lasting relationships with the retailers stocking them, working together as partners in building a better planet.