O2 Show is the first trade show in the U.S. focused only on sustainable and ethical brands, offering a curated mix of labels from around the globe in these categories: gift, home, wellness, lifestyle clothing, and accessories..

The O2 Show platform integrates  an online marketplace, physical trade shows, virtual events, and pop-up collaborations. We aim to build a community of like-minded people, retailers, and brands who stand for gorgeous products and ethical production.

We celebrate visionary brands and progressive retailers and their inspiring stories.  


Our Mission & Goals

Our ultimate goal and purpose of O2 Show is to leave a better world for future generations by promoting a more sustainable lifestyle that positively impacts our environment, and effects social and economic good to our communities.
Our mission:
  • Build a like-minded community of brands, retailers, and consumers who care about product design and quality as much as they care about our planet
  • Provide value-added solutions to brands and retailers to do what they do best
  • Create immersive, inspiring experiences that delight, inspire, and facilitate discovery
  • Educate and support


Our values define our priorities:

  • Seek the greater good, not just profit.  We believe there’s a balance between the two, and that it’s possible to do both. 
  • Constant search for excellence and continued learning and  improvement in all we do 
  • Provide value throughout our activities at all levels, to all we come in contact with
  • Well-designed, quality products with lasting appeal
  • Positive, effective communication that inspires, connects, and contributes
  • Build & promote: strong brands, great relationships, positive emotions
  • Positive impact on people, communities, our planet
  • Tell great stories and create positive experiences
  • Eco-conscious lifestyle, not just sustainable fashion


The impetus to take action and create O2 Show came as a result of the August 2019 events, as we witnessed the burning Amazon rainforest and signing of the G7 fashion pact), although our efforts to promote sustainable fashion go back to 2005. 

Given our combined experience with trade shows, technology, retail, and building brands, we felt we had to do more for the sustainable brands we were working with. 

Not seeing any trade shows in US focused solely on ethically made and sustainable fashion, we felt the need to start there…and to focus not just on sustainable fashion, but a sustainable lifestyle. We named it after the most basic element, Oxygen—it’s vital to survival, and directly linked to climate change—a constant reminder of why we’re doing this.

From its inception, O2 Show was envisioned to be more than just a trade show, but more as an integrated platform with a strong technology base, adapted (and constantly evolving) to meet the needs of brands and retailers in this sector. 



We are fully committed to promoting a more sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle, by featuring only brands who incorporate sustainable and ethical practices in their production and general business practices. We want to support our local and global community, and promote brands that not only make great products, but are also good for people and the planet!

While most people tend to associate sustainability with environmental conservation, sustainability also has a social and economic impact: ultimately, sustainability is about the people and the health of our communities, for now, and for the future.

Ethically Made

Our definition of ethically made goods is goods that are produced and purchased in a manner that demonstrates respect for the people who produce them as well as for the environment, using fair labor practices and ethical ways of sourcing materials.


Here is the definition of Sustainable Fashion according to Green Strategy:

“… can be defined as clothing, shoes and accessories that are manufactured, marketed and used in the most sustainable manner possible, taking into account both environmental and socio-economic aspects.


United by our love for great design and beautiful, innovative products, and our commitment to bettering our world, we all share the same burning desire to create lasting value, make a difference, and exceed expectations.

Our tech-savvy and experienced core team of social media experts, content creators and event producers brings decades of experience in design, brand communication, retail management and merchandising, digital and social media marketing, trade show and event management.

Actively championing eco-conscious fashions as early as 2005, the two founders of O2 show are committed to creating a platform for promoting a sustainable lifestyle and bringing added-value solutions to brands and retailers in a changing fashion and consumer landscape.   

As brand creators, showroom owners, retail buyers, and trade show participants for nearly two decades, the two founders sought to promote a more sustainable lifestyle and to provide value-added solutions to brands and retailers to build strong brands and successful businesses. The two co-founders of O2 show leverage over two decades experience in all aspects of the fashion industry, from retail to brand development. 

Lisa Elliot Rosas, Co-Founder

Lisa Elliot Rosas, Co-Founder/Partner

As a former owner and co-founder of Coeur Show for over 6 years, and owner of top showroom since 2004, Lisa leverages past successes and a strong brand and retailer following into a new platform. Lisa has been instrumental in the development and growth of over 100 brands, notably Mara Hoffman, IRO, Ace & Jig, Zadig & Voltaire, Mike & Chris, Veda, The Odells.  As owner of Litupbrand.com Lisa provides brands with a proven blueprint for successful growth, with books, training and consulting support. 

Eveline Morel, Co-Founder

Eveline Morel, Co-Founder/Partner

As owner/buyer of influential L.A. Boutique EM & Co for 8+ years, showroom owner, and former designer, Eveline understands all aspects of the fashion business.  She has produced 50+ fashion shows, music events, and consumer pop-ups.  Her designs and boutique have been featured in US and global media, including Instyle, LA Times, Lucky Magazine, CondeNast Traveller, Sportswear International, Nylon, Flaunt, Los Angeles Magazine, Agenda Magazine, and others.  Eveline managed software development projects for nearly a decade, developed online training, and is an experienced marketer and content creator.