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Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time.

It can no longer be ignored.

Sustainability is the necessary condition for our survival — it  will increasingly define how we do business and what we buy.

It’s not just the environment,

it’s a whole lifestyle

It includes…

what we wear

how we eat, live & work,


how we take care of each other, & our planet


Sustainability encompasses social & economic aspects besides the environment.

Increased magnitude and frequency of natural disasters is causing rising death tolls and billions in economic losses. 

50 major weather & climate events in U.S. caused $237.2 billion in total damage between 2018-2020. (NCEI).

Hardest hit by climate change are the poorer communities, indigenous people, and people of color, leading to displacement, hunger, social unrest.

What we do and what we buy makes a difference. 

What we do and what we buy makes a difference. 

By supporting sustainable and ethically-made brands & promoting desirable choices that are also good for the planet,

we can accelerate the shift towards a sustainable lifestyle. 

Our Goal

Promote a Sustainable Lifestyle


Our Mission

  • Promote an eco-conscious lifestyle
  • Connect sustainable & ethically-made brands with retailers & consumers
  • Support purpose-driven brands and retailers
  • Offer value-added solutions and resources to support growth

Our Motto

  • Think Global
  • Act Local
  • Small steps build into big impact

What we do

More than just a trade show

Born out of the desire to provide value-added solutions and resources to brands and retailers,  O2 Show brings an integrated platform of trade shows, online wholesale marketplace, retail pop-ups, immersive events, and collaborations connecting brands, retailers, and conumers. 

By integrating wholesale shows, consumer retail events and pop-ups, with a comprehensive online platform, we connect brands, retailers, consumers, and influencers.

Wholesale Trade Shows

Buyers and merchants engage with design-driven, ethical and sustainable brands in inspiring, relaxed settings.

Seasonal events in easy-access locations coinciding with other markets.

Buyers discover products whose stories mesh well with their own merchandising concepts, attend talks and panel discussions, see brand activations and demos, place orders, and buy items in cash-and-carry section. 

Online Marketplace

Content-rich online wholesale ordering platform: customized brand experiences, order processing and tracking, payment processing, multi-app connectivity, and more.

Retail Pop-Ups

Shopping events jointly hosted with boutiques, sustainable organizations, and other marketplaces, immersive experiences, brand activations, and beautifully-curated product selection.

Hybrid Events

Join us for live in-person and online in our virtual event space on Hopin: live demos, virtual booths with video conferencing, panel discussions, and direct links to the permanent online marketplace.

Take a look at some of our past virtual events in 2020 & 2021. 

All future events will have a hybrid/digital component. 

Support and Promote

Connecting Purpose-Driven Brands and Retailers

We support eco-conscious brands and retailers whose appreciation for great design and beautiful products is matched by their commitment to sustainability and building a better planet.

We love to share their stories here and on Instagram. 

Grow and Thrive Together

Share Knowledge & Resources

We support purpose-driven businesses and help build a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

Sustainability Certifications List

A comprehensive list of the major sustainability and environmental certifications .

Each country and region has their own standards and certifications.

Talks & White Papers

Learn more about sustainable product development, retail and business strategies from industry experts

Consulting Services

Meet with top sustainable product development, retail, and branding consultants.​

Online Marketplace

Wholesale Marketplace for sustainable and ethically-made brands for year-round sales.​ 

Compatible with multiple apps including Shopify.


UN ESG’s and other sustainability guidelines.

Other Sustainable Resources

Sustainable Brand Listings

Sustainable Packaging and Shipping Resource


Other useful resources

Recent Updates

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Connect, Engage, and Share

Immersive Events

Whether in-person, online, or hybrid, our events are always designed to maximize engagement and experiential discovery: live demos, talks and panel discussions, tastings, art, and more.

Our virtual event space  features live demos, virtual booths with video conferencing, panel discussions, and direct links to the permanent online marketplace.

Four virtual events allowed people to connect live from all over the globe in 2020 and 2021.  All in-person shows after 2021 will have a hybrid element to allow greater connectivity.  


“O2 is the best curated show I have seen…I love all the brands here. It is super innovative and easy to buy lines.”

Isabelle Buell, Holiday & Co

“I love checking out new trade shows and especially ones that Lisa puts on.  She always sources amazing new unique brands that are ready to break into the marketplace.  O2 is great because it is very curated with the best of the best…I look forward to the next show.”

Lisa Kline

“It was well curated. We met some amazing, like-minded people in the sustainable world…”


California Apparel News, March 2020

Work Together to Make a Difference

Take Action

O2 Show collaborates with various groups on events and projects that support the environment and our community.  We donate a portion of our proceeds to One Tree Planted organization and other charities involved in local community projects.

Impact Fashion

Event Collaborations and Sponsorship for Impact Fashion Non-Profit.

One Tree Planted

A portion of our proceeds each year goes towards planting forests.

Rag Royalty

Working together to build stronger and more sustainable fashion brands. ​

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