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The Online Marketplace is more than just a place to shop for brands: here you can meet the makers and hear their brand story, refresh your ideas, find inspiration, connect to others, and give back. 

Enjoy your stay, and come back often!

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Meet the Designer

Learn about who’s making the product and their community. 

See how products are made and artisanal techniques used in their creation

Hear about each brand’s contribution and ways of giving back to society and the environment


Enriching, immersive talks, panel discussions, and experiential content to foster exchange of knowledge and new insights, refresh your ideas, and to inspire.

Join us on Mondays for a refreshing 15 min. lunchtime REFRESH talk:  1 PM PST, on IG Live (@o2show).




June 2020


Share beautiful  experiences, find inspiration


Share beautiful  experiences, find inspiration


O2 Show is committed to the continued growth of our community and in supporting brands and retailers.  

We will be sharing latest knowledge and business insights from experts and training partners, offering workshops, courses, and training content to help you succeed and continue to grow in a fast-changing world. 

A set of initial course offerings will be launching Fall 2020, you can see the courses in our GROW section of the O2 Show site.


The online marketplace offers opportunities for connecting to additional helpful resources, companies and individuals whose services can support you in your growth. 

Please contact us at to be listed in this section. 


Rag Royalty

Sustainable fashion manufacturing consultant, with over 25 years proven industry manufacturing, sourcing, and merchandising experience.
Impact Fashion Logo

Impact Fashion

One of the leading sustainable fashion events in Los Angeles,featuring fashion show, pop-up retail, and yearly summit.

Hilldun Corporation

Providing Accounts Receivable and Factoring services to businesses based on both purchase orders and invoices, since 1958.


O2 Show is proud to support purpose-driven groups and brands in their efforts to make a difference for our global community and the environment.


In addition to donating a portion of our proceeds to One Tree Planted and other organizations, we support other  brands’ efforts to make a difference by telling their stories and amplifying their messages, and donating to the causes they support through our purchases. 

We believe that success is shared, and that every action taken, regardless how small, can create a positive impact.