Virtual Wholesale Showcase

June 22-24

Online Wholesale Platform

O2 Show Virtual Conference Room

In conjunction with REFRESH Digital Experience Event happening on Instagram Live on June 22-24.


Welcome to the digital meeting place for eco-conscious brands and retailers!


Brands and retailers can set virtual appointments, brands can make in-person or pre-recorded presentation.

Retailers can visit brands’ virtual showrooms, view available inventory and future deliveries, see their brand stories in the Online Wholesale Marketplace. 


Place immediate and future delivery orders and write notes directly in Online Wholesale Marketplace.

Buyer appointments can be pre-recorded video or live presentation, designer and/or brand sales rep is present to answer questions and write orders/notes.

Orders placed directly via the Wholesale Marketplace can be downloaded as PDF files or sent as links, and contain all product photos.

Brands can offer ordering incentives (i.e. discount, free shipping, special terms) for during the Virtual Trade Show event.

O2 Show will assist brands with hosting the virtual buyer appointments, and can also assist with the following: retailer outreach, hosting appointment and ensuring everything runs smoothly, pre-recording presentations, retailer samples requests, setting up brand virtual showrooms.

To participate in the Virtual Trade Show, please email us at brands@o2show.com