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Enriching Experiences

Immersive events

More Than Just A Trade Show

Whether in-person, online, or hybrid, our events are designed to maximize engagement and provide impactful, enriching experiences.

We want all our events to… 

  • Enrich & Inspire
  • Build Community
  • Connect & Discover

Connecting people & brands

Retail Pop-Ups

O2 Show hosts and curates retail pop-up events in various locations and cities throughout the year, in collaboration with local stores, online retailers, and other groups, showcasing ethically-made and sustainable brands.

As many sustainable brands are often small-production and started out selling D2C, it’s important to engage the general public in the brand stories.

Boutiques & major retailers hosting the pop-ups add their own flavor to the shopping experience and personalize selections for their customer base

Participating brands and pop-up length dependent on location & space available

Pop-up events may feature: clothing swaps, vintage section, upcycling & mending stations, demos & brand activations, workshops

Wholesale trade shows include marketplace with general public access hours/days

Collaborations with Impact Fashion non-profit on virtual & in-person markets throughout the year.

Sharing Knowledge & Resources

REFRESH Workshop & Talks Series

Maintain engagement & Build community through meaningful dialogue.

Share knowledge from leading minds in business, retail, fashion, and sustainability, influencers, and purpose-driven creatives. 

REFRESH began in June 2020 during lockdown, as we looked for fresh ways of sharing experiences and maintain conversations. 

Check out all the featured speakers in the TALKS section and on Instagram.  

REFRESH:  3-Day Digital Experience

on IG Live

25 inspiring live digital experiences and enriching conversations with creatives, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders:

  • meditations
  • live cooking demo
  • organic farm visit
  • artist studio visits
  • chats with industry leaders
  • live DJ sets

The IG Live series continued with weekly Monday “Green Lunch” chats.


Two days of workshops and talks with useful information for brands and retailers, addressing  current challenges: 

  • Selling & Buying sustainable brands
  • Reinventing business post-covid
  • Experiential selling
  • Influencer marketing
  • Sustainable product development
  • Clothing Swaps
  • Sales Profitability

Workshop series was hosted in the O2 Show virtual event space on Hopin.com.

Connect from anywhere

Virtual & Hybrid Events

Whether in-person, online, or hybrid, our events are designed to maximize engagement and experience.

Given our founder’s tech industry experience, we’ve always envisioned a strong technology base that can be leveraged for building community and bringing solutions to current problems faced by brands & retailers. 

The lockdown accelerated this technology shift, allowing us to experiment with new ways of creating enriching experiences. 

We launched our first digital event on IG Live in June 2020. After exploring many virtual event platforms, we established our permanent virtual event ‘space’ on Hopin.com, and hosted over 5 events in 2021.

With virtual & hybrid events, we can expand our community across borders and time zones, and extend brand experiences  beyond the booth walls, to share authentic, local stories in real-time. 

All future in-person events will incorporate hybrid event elements, thus allowing greater participation without travel constraints.

Our Hopin virtual event space features live demos, virtual booths with video
conferencing, panel discussions, and direct links to the permanent
online marketplace.

Evolve and build upon past experiences

Past Events

After the launch event, we transitioned to virtual and hybrid events during lockdown. 

We look forward to holding live events in 2022. 

Here’s a list of past events, some jointly hosted in collaboration with Impact Fashion, our non-profit partner organization.  

REFRESH: Digital Experiences

IG Live

June 2020

Launch event in Los Angeles. In-person event, featuring 45 ethically-made and sustainable brands, brand activations, workshops, and demos.

O2 Show Trade Show

Los Angeles

March 2020

Launch event in Los Angeles. In-person event, featuring 45 ethically-made and sustainable brands, brand activations, workshops, and demos.

REFRESH: Fresh Start

Hopin Virtual Event Space

February 2021

A 2-day workshop series for brands & retailers on dealing with current challenges. Featured 9 industry leaders and experts in retail, sustainability, brand devolopment, social media marketing.

Virtual Holiday


with Impact Fashion

online, December 2020

Hosted in collaboration with Impact Fashion. 3-day event featured 20 brands, boutiques, and event sponsors. Daily brand demos and activations including vegan cooking demo, sustainable wine tasting, global cocktail party, caroling in the fields, live music, and insightful conversations.

Virtual Mixer Events

with Impact Fashion Hopin Virtual Event Space

Summer 2021

Monthly virtual networking events co-hosted in partnership with Impact Fashion in the Hopin Virtual Event Space. Networking and Keynote Speaker/Round-Table discussions.

Virtual Trade Show

& Pop-Up

Hopin Virtual Event Space

June 2021

Virtual trade show and 3-day pop-up event, with 27 participating brands and event sponsors.

By supporting sustainable and ethically-made brands & promoting desirable choices that are also good for the planet,

we can accelerate the shift towards a sustainable lifestyle.


By creating and maintaining engagement through our events,we build a stronger community and momentum for change.

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