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Purpose-Driven Retailers Making a Difference

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Purpose-Driven Retailers Make a Difference

We celebrate retailers whose offerings feature sustainable and ethical brands, and who care about the social and environmental impact of the products they sell. 

Many of these retailers are also strong supporters of local designers and makers, and active supporters of their local small business community.

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Purpose-Driven Retailers Care

Caring..About the Community & The Planet

Retailers play a  crucial role in promoting an eco-conscious lifestyle by considering the environmental and social impact of the products and brands they buy for their stores. 

Multi-brand retailers connect our communities and add local color to our shopping districts.  They play an inflluential role in their customers’ purchasing decisions. 

These retailers are strong supporters of small artisans and local makers and are actively involved in their community.  Purpose-driven retailers share useful and educational information with their customers and inspire them with the brands’ unique stories and engaging merchandising concepts.    

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