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About Us

A purpose-driven, women-owned company founded in 2019

As brand creators, showroom owners, trade show founders, retail buyers, and trade show attendees, 

we wanted to create an integrated platform

that promotes a sustainable lifestyle,

and provides value-added solutions for purpose-driven brands & retailers.

Why O2 Show?

Our Story

The idea for O2 Show was born in 2019, as we witnessed the burning Amazon rain forest and the signing of the G7 Fashion Pact, two major events that mobilized us to action. 

Not seeing any trade shows in US featuring solely on ethically made and sustainable fashion brands, we felt the need to start there…and to focus more on an eco-conscious LIFESTYLE, rather than just sustainable fashion.

We named the trade show after the most basic element, Oxygen—O2:  it’s vital to our survival, and directly linked to climate change.

As active participants in the eco-fashion movement since 2005, and with more than two decades of experience in the fashion industry, we were inspired by current events and visionary brands leading the charge in sustainability, to create a platform dedicated to promoting eco-conscious brands at all levels

“O2 is just a group of people who are trying to do it differently.”

Here is an excerpt from an interview of founding team member, Garret Gooch, with the Scaling Retail media group.  You can find the full interview at ScalingRetail.com 

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O2 Show continues to evolve within the rapidly-shifting consumer landscape as we find new ways to create value and create new connections.

Driven to make a difference

Take Action & Do Things Differently

Take action & do things differently

We’re united by our commitment to making a difference…

…and are willing to do things differently.    


We’re building an eco-conscious community of brands, retailers, and consumers, using a multi-pronged approach that combines technology, events, and immersive experiences.  

We aim to inspire, create value, build lasting relationships, and continue to evolve with market needs.

Our guiding principle:   Think global and act local, and small steps can build up to a great impact.  

Make a positive impact on our planet and communities, and

Promote an eco-conscious lifestyle.

Not only are we focusing exclusively on ethically-made and sustainable products and brands, but we’re also creating a community where retailers, brands, and consumers all share the same values.   

Our Mission & Values

Our Mission & Values

Our values define our priorities, actions and daily focus. 

Build a Strong Community

Leverage existing relationships with brands & retailers; close the loop between purpose-driven brands, retailers, and consumers. 

Collaborate and be a part of the larger conversations and the growing eco-conscious global community. 

Offer Value-Added Solutions & Resources for Growth

Provide value-added services and solutions to brands & retailers to help them grow and thrive.

Increase awareness and provide information about sustainability and additional resources that can help.     

Create Inspiring Experiences

Curated selection of beautifully-designed,  products and brands that are sustainably and ethically made in engaging settings: brand activations, consumer pop-ups, live demos, engaging content. 

Facilitate discovery with inspiring events and immersive, memorable experiences.

Innovate & Continue to Evolve

Use our diverse industry experience and extensive resources to:

identify pressing needs,

anticipate the changes in this rapidly-changing world, and

adjust our offering of solutions and services to stay abreast of evolving business needs & consumer trends. 

Committed to making a difference

Our Team

Our Team

Our core team brings decades of experience in design, brand communication, retail management and merchandising, digital and social media marketing, trade show and event management, and software development.


A long-standing commitment to eco-fashion

O2 Show was created in 2019 by Lisa Elliot and Eveline Morel, in response to the growing climate change crisis and the necessity of moving towards a more sustainable fashion industry. 

Both founders have actively promoted eco-conscious brands since the early 2000’s. 

Eveline Morel’s active role in sustainable fashion started as early as 2004, with the launch of her up-cycled fashion brand, EM Reconstruct.

Her L.A. boutique, EM & Co was one of the early supporters of the sustainable fashion trend, featuring many eco-fashion designers including Valerj Pobega, Linda Loudermilk, Deborah Lindquist, Cyrus & Sonny, Micha Designs, House of Petro Zillia, EcoSkin, Sworn Virgins, and many others. Her wholesale showroom continued supporting eco-conscious fashion brands such as Silvana K, KINdom, Frequency, and many others.   

Likewise, Lisa Elliot has always been committed to supporting ethical brands through her showroom and Coeur Show.  The contemporary brand she recently founded, Furo, was created in collaboration with a manufacturer who adheres to ethical manufacturing and sustainability standards. 

United by our love for beautiful products and innovative brands, and our commitment to bettering our world, we all share the same burning desire for creating lasting value, making a difference, and constant learning. 

O2 Show is the combined efforts of many dedicated individuals who are passionate about building a sustainable future. 

Lisa Elliot Rosas, Co-Founder

Brings over 2 decades of experience in all aspects of the fashion industry: retail, design, merchandising, PR, and brand marketing. She co-founded Coeur Show , a bi-coastal accessories trade show between 2008-2013.

As owner of EM Productions, one of the most influential bi-coastal fashion showrooms, she was responsible for launching and growing many top contemporary fashion brands including Mara Hoffman, Ace & Jig, Iro, Zadig & Voltaire, Mike & Chris, Veda, Botkier, Rebecca Minkoff, The Odells, and Enza Costa.

She published a book series of on building successful brands: "How to Build a Brand for Authenticity and Success", and her latest endeavor, Lit Up Brand, is focused on supporting designers and brands with the know-how, strategies, and tools for building authentic brands and meaningful products.

Eveline Morel, Co-Founder

With over two decades’ experience in all aspects of fashion from design, retail buying & merchandising, wholesale sales, to content creation, training, brand communication, and event management, she also has over 10 years' experience in project management & software development. Owner and buyer for EM & Co boutique since 2004, she produced over 150 art openings, fashion events, and pop-ups, featuring local and global designers and artists.

Eveline has numerous published articles in fashion & lifestyle magazines. She co-wrote/edited a book series and online coursework with Lisa Elliot Rosas on building & growing successful brands, and launched a brand incubator program at Emblem Showroom.

An experienced team builder, she produced dozens of fashion shoots and managed multi-million software project teams. As board member of Impact Fashion non-profit since 2021, she has produced multiple virtual events and fundraisers.

Glynn Barrish-Carroll, Business Development & Sustainability Consulting

South African-born Glynn Barrish-Carroll has over 30 years experience in the International fashion industry, in PR, Journalism, buying & private-label manufacturing and merchandising for major retailers and top brands in US and South Africa. Founder of Rag Royalty, she designed and oversaw production for private-label and branded product in the young contemporary category for over 10 years. She's currently serving as COO for KINdom, an eco-lifestyle brand launched by designer Claire Powers in 2017.

Passionate about environmental activism and blue-tech, she participates in sustainable fashion events around the globe, and local lobbying efforts. She also teaches college-level courses on fashion merchandising, and sustainable design in various Southern California colleges, and consults with emerging designers, brands, and retailers on ethical sourcing and production, inclusivity, merchandising, and implementation of sustainability practices set forth by the UNSDG 2030 goals.

Lisa Walker Swies, Retailer Relations

With over 2 decades in the fashion industry as a designer, wholesale showroom owner, and retail consultant, a degree in fashion design from FIDM, and an extensive network of industry relationships with retailers and brands, Lisa is a serial entrepreneur and a purpose-driven connector and problem-solver.

In addition to attending all industry trade shows across the globe and building sales for dozens of brands, she also built a successful jewelry line sold in top boutiques & spas around the US.

Marisa Greiner, Social Media & Content Strategy

Sustainable fashion and lifestyle influencer who works exclusively with sustainable brands.

With a BA in Media and Entertainment Management, she shaped digital content strategy, assisted with virtual event and content production, and consults on digital marketing projects for sustainable brands.

Garret Gooch, Brand Relations & Communication

As founding team member at sustainable retailer, Ziggie, Garret is strongly committed to growing purpose-driven brands. His varied production and content management experience and strong entrepreneurial drive have been instrumental in launching the first trade show event in Los Angeles and growing our brand relationships.

Flavia Cureteu, Creative Director

With over 2 decades of brand communication and design in beauty, fashion, and music, Flavia has helped shape the visual identity and strategic vision of countless brands, from start-ups to large corporations. A multidisciplinary designer and Art Director based in Barcelona and Los Angeles, she combines a concept-driven approach with a well-developed strategic visual vocabulary to tell compelling stories.

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